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Balls, Wheels, Doping.: It's not about the bike


There’s a lot of misinformation out there following Lance Armstrong’s decision to accept a life ban rather than contest charges of doping. Let’s correct some of it, and show you the man behind all of the myths. As we go along, you’ll see that allegations against Armstrong have been there not just…


If you take a look at photos from virtually any lecture, exhibition, or gallery event that is centered around design-oriented architects and architecture, whether theoretical or in practice, you will find that everyone looks essentially the same. Regardless of race, age, sex, being an observer or presenter they all look the same. Same style of clothes, same accoutrements, same facial expressions, same hair styles, same boredom, same monotony, same complete aversion to challenging the very field that is slowly raping them of individuality and true aspirational creativity.


I really wish the GoPro were a little cleaner so I could get a better sense of air quality in that tunnel, but regardless…damn. I got nervous just watching that. The mid-tunnel boulders are a little nutty, too.

From the Miners’ Revenge MTB race, via CyclingDirt